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1 inch to 1 mile scale Historical Mapping

This series of 477 historical maps was revised from the late 1800s and published in the early years of the 1900s. The maps show contours, latitude and longitude, parish boundaries, railways, roads, waterways and woods.

See how your home town looked a hundred years ago and order your own Historical Map!

Other Sources of Historical Mapping

Q. Where can I get historic mapping from?

A. One inch county series mapping can be ordered online from our online map shop.

Copyright Libraries and local libraries allow access to the public to search and view mapping free of charge. (A small charge may be required for copying).  For boundary information please contact the Land Registry or view our FAQ’s on our boundary page.

Ordnance Surveys Partners Landmark Information Group and Cassini Publishing Ltd offer online provision of historic mapping for consumer and business markets. All have extensive archives that cover many scales and epochs’ from early 1840 to 1995. Mapping can be viewed and purchased on line and can be delivered using various media. For more information please visit  Landmark Information Group and Cassini Publishing Ltd websites.

Q. Can I order Historic Mapping from Ordnance Survey Mapping and Data Centres?

A. Ordnance Survey does not supply historic mapping through Ordnance Survey Mapping and Data Centres, but selected Ordnance Survey Mapping and Data Centres can be contacted individually as they offer historic mapping from other suppliers.

Please note that each Ordnance Survey Mapping and Data Centre sets its own price for products and services, so prices may vary from one supplier to another.

Q. I only want to look at the information on the map and not to purchase it – where can I do this?

A. Customers wishing for view historical mapping can visit their local library. A small charge may be made for a copy if required. Licensing terms and conditions apply to all copyrighted mapping – mapping produced within the last 50 years.

Copyright libraries and The National Archive offer viewing and copying facilities for customers wishing to visit and carry out their own searches.

The British Library

Bodleian Library Oxford

Cambridge University Library

National Library of Scotland

Library of Trinity College Dublin

National Library of Wales

Q. Where can I obtain information on historic boundaries?

A. Customers requesting historic information relating to boundaries should contact The Land Registry.

Q. I have an enquiry which requires interpretation of historic mapping – where can I get an answer?

A. An ‘Expert Witness’ may be able to help answer mapping interpretation questions.  Further information on Expert Witness services and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) can be found on our boundary page - FAQ’s 10 & 11


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