England to reap billions from staycations

The English tourism industry is set to benefit from millions of 'staycations' this years, after figures released by VisitEngland reveal that many people will holiday at home, breakingtravelnews.com reports.

The organisation's Summer Trip Tracker showed that of the 10.3 million people planning to holiday in the UK this year, almost nine million will be heading to a destination in England - perhaps the Lake District, Cornwall or the South coast. In comparison, just 5.9 million plan to go abroad.

The news is positive as it could generate £1.9 billion in English tourism spend. Meanwhile, some 22 per cent are still thinking about where to take their summer holiday, relying on deals and discounts to sway their decision.

Commenting on the findings, VisitEngland's chief executive, James Berresford, told travel-news.co.uk: "I am delighted to see that over ten million people are planning to holiday at home this summer. The industry has a vast opportunity to inspire those still undecided and convince them that England is the place to be this summer."

Mr Berresford added that an additional £600 million could be added to the UK economy if just have of those undecided holiday makers could be encouraged to take their summer trip in England. With the recent (admittedly ad hoc) warm spells, he is hopeful that huge numbers could make last-minute bookings.


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