Garmin simplifies GPS watch market

Technology firm Garmin has introduced a new GPS sports watch aimed at simplifying the often complex industry, reports.

Many GPS watches offer huge amounts of information, but end up needing to be large and bulky in order to contain it all. To combat this, Garmin has created the Forerunner 10, which offers timing and distance information but in a product that is sized more like a traditional watch.

Whilst the product does not offer maps or directions, it feeds instead just the speed, distance, calories burned and how this all compares to the user's personal best. It also allows users to easily transport this information to the related computer program once the run is over, which can then be shared among social networks, if the user feels confident enough.

Unlike some basic devices, the watch also supports those looking at a run/walk training regime, as well as real-time pacing information.

Speaking to of their new product, Garmin's Fitness Product Manager, Andrew Silver explained: ‘Forerunner 10 is our lightest, simplest, most comfortable watch yet, and it comes with Garmin's trusted accuracy and reliability.

It accurately tracks how far and how fast you run and your calories burned, helping you keep track of your goals. With three stylish colour options, the Forerunner 10 will be turning heads and helping motivate runners of all levels for years to come’.

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