Researcher tells people to run fast through rain

A scientist has urged people to sprint through rain to stay as dry as possible - although he stressed that it is a complex issue.

Professor Bocci of the University of Brescia, Italy had a study published in the European Journal of Physics, according to, which concluded that generally the best way to stay dry is to run fast, unless a runner is very slim or a certain wind direction is blowing, in which case there may be an optimal speed.

He rejected previous conclusions on the topic that offered a simple solution to the problem, stressing that it is "much more complicated" than just advising people to move fast or slow.

In his paper, the scientist said: "For motion downwind, there may be an optimal speed, which equals the component along the direction of motion of the wind velocity. This happens only if the ratio between the cross-section of the body perpendicular to the motion and the horizontal one is large enough: otherwise, the best choice is again to run at the maximum speed one can reach."

Professor Bocci spoke to about his research and summarised that the it generally best to run as fast as possible, "not always, but in general".

The crux of the dilemma revolves around whether a person runs through rain so they are exposed to the weather for a shorter amount of time, or walks so that fewer drops hit them.

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