A walk in the country is Britain's favourite pastime

Walking in the countryside has been voted as Britain's best-loved pastime.

In a survey conducted by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) UK, a countryside walk narrowly received more votes than eating out and reading a book in the garden, as our most beloved activity.

Cooking, enjoying a pint of beer in the pub, playing computer games, listening to music, and watching football were amongst the other activities to rank in the top 10. Speaking to thisiscornwall.co.uk, WWF's communications manager, Rachel Bloodworth, claimed the results show Brits still love the great outdoors.

Rachel said: ‘This study shows the wide range of outdoor activities we like doing and we are in fact a very active country. It is encouraging, however, that so many people get pleasure from a simple walk in the country, which costs nothing.

‘We are fortunate enough to live in a country where we are always going to be a fairly short distance from a rural location, which means we can escape when we have had enough of the rat race and the stresses of modern life.’

According to silobreaker.com, WWF compiled the survey's results from a poll of 2 000 Brits. Two-thirds of those questioned said that they prefer outdoor activities to indoor pursuits. 

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