Campaign starts to create Cornish National Park

Walkers in Cornwall are expected to put their weight behind a new campaign to create the county's first National Park, reports.

The Cornish division of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) has called for a total of 12 sites around the county to be awarded National Park status, which would protect the area, boost tourism levels and stop overdevelopment.

Bodmin Moor, the Camel Estuary and some 10 sites around the Cornish coast have already been granted status as Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, but campaigners now want this accolade upgraded to National Park status.

Nearby Dartmoor, which is currently the closest National Park to Cornwall, was one of the first to be awarded the sought-after status in 1951. During that time, numerous towns around the gateways to Dartmoor have benefited from the National Park status, with many looking to visit or even stay the night during walking trips.

The campaign would need large support from local residents and organisations for status to be approved, although the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) is certain many people will get behind the bid.

‘People come to Cornwall for the peace and quiet and its beauty.’ CPRE Cornwall's acting chairman Tony Hilton told

‘I think we should be protecting that from hell-for-leather and haphazard growth. We are not a group of fuddy-duddies who don't want to see any development at all but we do want to see it done properly. It should also bring some economic benefits for the area. Gateway towns in other parks' areas do extremely well because of their National Park status.’

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