New barefoot path opens in Helston

Walkers looking for a slightly new experience might like to visit Godolphin House in Cornwall to try the new multi-textured 'barefoot trail', writes.

The National Trust property near Heston has created a new path specifically to allow people to enjoy the sensation of walking without their shoes on. It is the Trust's first such purpose-built path and comprises slate, gravel, sand and fir cones, fitting in seamlessly with Godolphin's historical grounds.

Barefoot paths are already popular in Europe, with many defined reflexology walks, while Germany offers various 'barfuss' parks.

The idea behind the Godolphin path is to encourage walkers to become more in touch with their surroundings, according to Ian Marsh, National Trust general manager for West Cornwall, who hopes people will try such an exciting and different initiative.

The route was officially opened on 22 April by local resident and internationally-renowned barefoot podiatrist, Steve Bloor, reports. He firmly believes that walking barefoot can help keep feet healthy.

"I promote barefoot walking and running as a preventative as well as a rehabilitative tool. The National Trust seems to be destroying the need for podiatry in one fell swoop," he joked.

"Barefooting is one of the best ways to get people of all ages outdoors and closer to nature and to reconnect with the natural world."

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