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Register with OS getamap for free Ordnance Survey maps – a great way to trial the site and print as many free A5 prints as you like.

OS getamap is a great way to access free Ordnance Survey maps and share them with your friends. You can register for nothing in order to try out the great benefits of the site. By registering with the site you can check out the route planning tools and access printable OS maps.

OS getamap is the best way to access the most up to date mapping of Great Britain. If you value the reliability that Ordnance Survey maps provide for your days out and outdoors activities then visit the site and have a look around.

Every square inch of Great Britain is covered, each landmark displayed and the countryside features shown in great detail in the various map scales available. If you’re into hiking, running, cycling or horse riding then 1: 25 000 scale (OS Explorer – Leisure view onOS getamap) is perfect for you. If you want to plan your days out before you go then 1: 50 000 scale (OS Landranger) is ideal.

OS getamap full screen with route

Once you’ve registered with the site you can plot your routes directly onto your chosen map scale. For detailed mapping choose 1:25 000, the walkers map, or to plan your days out in advance choose 1: 50 000 scale. As a registered member you can print as many half A4 pages as you like and won’t cost you a penny. There is no better way to print OS maps for free.

So, for free OS maps, register today – it will give you a great taster of what the site can offer you.

OS maps

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