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How to redeem your OS getamap gift voucher

Your Ordnance Survey OS getamap gift voucher entitles you to redeem the discount code printed on the voucher for a 12-month subscription to OS getamap.

1.    Click on the following link to sign-in or register with the Ordnance Survey shop:

2.    Once you’ve logged in, follow the link below to go to the 12-month subscription product:
    OS getamap 12-months' subscription and select, Add to Basket.

3.    Go to the Checkout and enter your unique 100% discount code printed on your voucher, and press the Use button. The basket will display - 100% discount 12-months' OS getamap subs with a zero cost in the price column.

4.    Follow the check-out process where you will not be asked for any payment details, unless you have other items in the basket.

5.    An Order Confirmation page will be displayed, and shortly afterwards you will receive a confirmation email.

6.    Select this link to OS getamap, and log in using the same login details as you use with the Ordnance Survey shop.

7.    To check if your subscription status has been recognised, select the full screen icon at the bottom left of the mapping pane. If you are a subscriber the screen will go into full screen mode, and if not, an error message will be displayed. You should also see your name and subscription expiry date at the top of the left-hand menu pane (see image below).
OS getamap subs check

With OS getamap on your PC or Mac, you can search for locations, create routes, add places of interest, print out your bespoke map and even upload routes to a GPS device.

As a subscriber you can access its full functionality and print-out maps for free. It's the perfect tool for planning your next adventure, or even just a day out:

  • Online Ordnance Survey mapping of the whole country.
  • Search for locations.
  • Add points of interest, such as heritage sites, nearby pubs and restaurants.
  • Plot your own routes.
  • Search for other people's routes and professional authored routes.


OS getamap helps you to plan outdoor activities for you and your family. View OS Landranger and Explorer maps online, and our new 'Zoommap' view. Plan, save, share and print walking, cycling and running routes. Find great places to go and things to do, and check local weather and news before you set off.

OS getamap features

Home screen

OS getamap route


Silverlight viewer

When you start OS getamap for the first time,  it checks whether Silverlight is installed. If you don’t have it already you’re prompted to install it.  Check OS getamap system requirements.


OS getamap search box

Type in the names of places, postcodes, attractions, other points of interest, and landscape features – getamap will take you to the point on the map.

Map views

Swap between different types of maps by clicking these tabs.

Moving around the maps

Use the map control in the top left hand corner of the map screen to zoom in and out, and pan around the maps, or point at the map and hold down the right mouse button to drag the map around. If your mouse has a wheel you can use it to zoom in and out of the maps.


The black toolbar in the top right-hand corner of the map screen has all the functions you need to make routes on the map. If you hover over each icon it tells you what it does. Clicking an icon ‘activates’ it and highlight it in white, when you’re finished you need to ‘de-activate’ it by clicking it again before to move onto to doing something else on your map.

Make your first route
Search or browse to a place on the map, click the draw route icon . A blue flag  will appear on the map, this is your start point. Clicking at other points along your route will insert waypoints  , and a blue line marking your route will appear like this .

Route summary

Once you’ve made a route you can get estimated timings, elevation (height profile) and see waypoint information. You can use the utilities section on the toolbar to save your route, print it or email a link to it.

Main menu options

On my map - once you've made some routes, and optionally added points of interest, they will appear here. This is available to registered and subscribed users only and lists routes you’ve made for the area of the map you’re looking at.

Find things to do - OS getamap contains thousands of places of interest and tourist attractions, accommodation, pubs, etc. Clicking on this menu shows categories for everything there is to see and do in your selected area of the map, it also lists ‘ready-made’ routes by the AA, Country Walking Magazine and Trail magazine.
Remember to use the 'Back to Categories' link in the 'Find things to do' and 'News' menus to remove the  icons on the screen.

Get driving directions - when visiting an area, even if it's near you, or going for a short break or holiday, walking, cycling or running trip, it helps to know how to get there. With our direction finder you can get the shortest route and plot points along the way that you might want to visit.

Weather - our unique localise weather service is 'geo-coded' so you get the local weather for wherever you select on the map. It also changes as you move between local weather areas.

News - another unique feature gives you localised news tied in to the place you've chosen on the map. This also changes when you move around the map and can be very useful for local events, congestion, festivals, parking, etc.

Featured brands - to deliver OS getamap we've teamed up with a number of what we call our featured brands. Some featured brands like VisitBritain (the tourist board) have provided the data that can be shown on the maps, others provide information for our magazine or products for our shop, or all three.

My handheld device - if you have a Garmin GPS device you can sync routes between OS getamap and your Garmin software. If you have another type of handheld device you can still import and export routes using the icon on the toolbar.

Types of user account

There are 3 types of user: guest, registered and subscriber. To check out OS getamap we recommend that you register; it’s free and gives you access to most of the OS getamap tools and options.

Making the most of your subscription

System requirements


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